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Our Team

We are here to help you connect with others and learn more about Near-Death Studies.

Deb Davis


Deb Davis is a life long educator and a recently certified International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS) facilitator for the Space Coast IANDS Chapter Affiliate of Florida.  Deb loves learning, asking questions and exploring possibilities.  When she met Lynne Grace almost 18 years ago in Florida, they became best of friends and loved learning from one another.  Lynne opened up a whole new world of 'thinking and learning possibilities for Deb Davis .  

Davis loved listening to Lynne's stories of other people's near-death experiences.  During this time period, Deb's mother 'died' in May 2009, her husband 'transitioned' in February 2010 and then her father 'passed away' in May 2010.  What she learned is that we have words to describe 'dying', but what we need is 'HOPE'.   Near-Death Experience stories give us the hope that we transition to a better, more loving place.  

Davis believes it is important to hear the stories of people that have had their own NDE more than ever in these challenging times.  We can also learn more about our "purpose here on earth"; and maybe understand why someone is sent back.  Join us for this exciting, new learning experience!  There are so many questions to explore!

Lynne Grace

Founder of Space Coast IANDS Chapter Affiliate

Lynne Grace, a professional Mental Health Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker began her study and interest in Near-Death Studies after first reading the book by Dr. Raymond A. Moody, Jr. entitled, "Life After Life".  In 1975, he coined the term Near-Death Experiences in this bestselling book.   Lynne was so enthralled and fascinated with NDEs; and continued to educate herself and others of the new research that purports to explore what happens when a person dies.

Lynne transitioned from earth (Feb. 2021) before realizing the impact she will have on giving thousands of local Space Coast people the opportunity to learn more about the hope that Near-Death Experiences offer by telling '''their NDE stories".

Rev. Tom Leach

In early 2008, Tom's life was significantly altered by his own Near- Death Experience that would forever change how he saw his life and the world around him.  For more than two decades, Tom has been studying different religious paths from around the world.  He looks for the truth within each path, especially where everyone and everything is honored.  

From ancient cultures to modern-day contemporaries, Tom has studied current well-known thinkers like Neale Donald Walsh, author of ''Conversations with God" and Dan Millman, author of "Peaceful Warrior".   While he fits in anywhere, in any crowd, and with the many hats he has worn---entrepreneur, comedian, trainer and customer service leader, administrator, firefighter/EMT/Chaplain and professional photographer....his spiritual grounding and philosophy is now his guiding compass.

Janelle Mendez

Janelle Mendez resides in Melbourne, Florida with her husband and three of their four children.  She is currently a homeschool mom and part-time reading coach.  

Janelle has always shared an interest in NDE's with her late mother, R. Lynne Grace (founder of this local IANDS group).  Mendez believes IANDS offers a platform to share the importance of valuing Life through experience and Its purpose of Love.

Angie Moates

Angie Moates is a licensed counselor/psychotherapist with a private practice located in Cape Canaveral, FL.   As a counselor, she truly enjoys helping people grow through major life transitions and is often amazed by the numerous ways this can be accomplished.  One of which is through the process of a near-death experience (NDE).  

Throughout her life and especially at group meditation events, Angie has experienced life-altering states of consciousness very similar to a near-death experience (NDE). When she first met Lynne Grace in 2011, she immediately recognized a “kindred spirit” with shared interests in all things metaphysical, including NDE’s.   Angie truly enjoyed hearing Lynne talk about her personal experiences, as well as her fascination with the human mind and what brings about true transformation and healing.

We are here to support Near-Death Experiencers (NDE) and to encourage the exchange of ideas and the communication of findings about near-death and related experiences.

Our group offers education and discussion of near-death and related experiences to the general public in a supportive, accessible setting. 

What We Offer


NDE  Exchange

Our Space Coast Group offers a safe  venue for Near-Death Experiencers who want to share about their near-death experience with other people who will listen with an open and understanding mind.


We will help you find information to answer your questions related to near-death experiences and related topics.  We can provide educational resources to include the names of well known experiencers and their books and videos.

​Related Ideas

More recently, IANDS has recognized Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) as having great relevance to the work of IANDS.  This is because  STEs can result in the same life changing effects as a NDE.

Sharing is Caring and Healing


Contact us to get more information about our local meetings:

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