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Our Second Blog Entry

     We now have a Near-Death Experience library of books to share with attendees of the SCIANDS monthly meetings.  You may also bring your own personal books to share with others as part of our set of books.   Check out is based on the honor system and is NOT part of the CSR Central Cocoa Library system.

Our third Blog Entry

2023 Chapter Meetings held:  

Sunday, at 2:45-4:45 on the following dates:

Jan. 29, Feb. 26, Mar. 26, Apr. 23, June 25, July 23, Aug. 27, Sept. 24, Oct. 22, Nov. 26, Dec. 17, 2023


 Our Latest Blog:

Teri Lynge-Kehl has many titles and some include:  Speaker/Author, Contactee, Near Death Experiencer, Demonologist/Clergy Paranormal investigator.  Teri will join us via Zoom for Part 1 of her riveting life story.  She will visit us here  in Florida during September to share....the rest of the story.

Teri has had an amazing evolution of life experiences; a full gamut of High strangeness, enigmatic and Paranormal situations, as well as extraterrestrial interactions.  She will share Part 1 of two parts at our May 28th meeting.  Be sure to plan to view both presentations:  May 28th and September 24th.

Her passion for understanding all of this didn’t start until she was in her 20’s; and able to confront the panoply of interests the experiences brought to her life.  Once she overcame her fears, she grasped her life back and went boldly forward with a passion to learn.

Her uninvited, recurring theme of the unknown has brought her through many intense happenings, sightings, encounters, and experiences.   Teri's experiences started at age 5 years old and have walked her through life to this present day.  Teri has studied and investigated each happening and has found faith to be her greatest asset. 

Teri published a book of one of her encounters called, "Alien Healing: A True Story of a Benevolent Extraterrestrial" that can be purchased on Amazon.  Teri will discuss more about her affiliation with MUFON (Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network) and all things extraterrestrial during PART 2 of her presentation in September.

Teri is available for Symposiums, Conferences, and local speaking engagements.  She believes we are spiritual beings on a human journey and truth is much stranger than fiction. “This journey never ceases to amaze”!

We will meet in room 1 of the Catherine S. Rood Central Cocoa Library in Cocoa, Florida 32922 at 2:45-4:45.  Meeting begins at 3:00 and closes at 4:40.  You may attend at the physical location: 308 Forrest Avenue or join us on Zoom.  These meetings are free to attend with no prior reservation.

You are welcome to bring friends that may need help in copying with our world problems, family or personal death/transition issues.  We have found that what is shared at our meetings, gives us HOPE and knowledge that LOVE is what really matters in this life journey and for all eternity.  This is a 'safe place' to share your spiritual transformative experiences with other like minded people that have 'open hearts and open minds'.


Deb Davis invites you to join us on via Zoom on May 28th at 2:45-4:45.


Return here for Zoom access ID and passcode: Must have Zoom app

Deb Davis is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: SCIANDS MAY 2023 Chapter Meeting with Teri Lynge-Kehl
Time: May 28, 2023 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 815 4253 3895
Passcode: 180888



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